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We are happy to consider all kinds of mortgage enquiries. Below we detail just some of the situations where we are only too pleased to offer our advice.
First Time Buyers - Buying your home and choosing a mortgage is probably the most important financial commitment that most of us make and it is also an exciting time so you will definitely need some advise from a mortgage professional.  As a first time buyer it can be difficult enough to save up a 5% deposit along with legal fees and moving fees. We are able to source mortgages for the full purchase price of some properties, allowing you to purchase your new home with little monetary outlay. Gifted deposits from a parent or blood relative can be a source of funds as long as the homebuyer receives  in writing that they are not required to pay back the money at any time.
Second Time Buyers - If you are moving home and you currently have a mortgage, the chances are that your current lender hasn't got the best deal for you. As Independent Mortgage Consultants we can search the whole of the market to find the best package for you.
Remortgage - You may be happy with your existing lender, but many people, particularly those paying a mortgage at the lenders standard variable rate, could make big savings right now if they transferred their mortgage to a new lender. With competitive schemes available there is a lot to choose from and many lenders are actively seeking to attract your custom by offering discounts on your mortgage payments, and in some instances paying your legal and valuation fees. Can you afford not to find out how easy and cost effective it is to change your mortgage provider?
Self Employed - Nearly 4.2 million people were registered as self employed over the three months to April 2013, a rise of 84,000 over the previous three months and the highest figure since records began in 1992, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS). Economists said that the surge in self-employment has come about because people have been unable to find permanent work with companies due to the flat lining economy. We find that to get some of the better deals most lenders require you to have been trading for at least 2 years. Although, we are happy to advise you what ever your circumstances may be. 
Buy To Let - A rapidly growing market has developed for people wishing to purchase properties for renting out to private tenants. This has the dual benefit of creating a monthly income from the rent, which should repay the mortgage and create some profit, but also allows the potential increase in the capital value of the property over a period of time. We would be happy to consider your requirements.We have currently an array of new and exciting opportunities e.g. we can offer Loan To Value  (LTV) of 85% with no stress test. Many of our clients are able now to grow their portfolio quickly and efficiently so please call us so that we can reserve your funds. 
Adverse Credit - Just because you may have had a problem in the past with CCJ's, mortgage arrears, and poor payment profile, doesn't exclude you from having a mortgage. Lenders these days are rejecting applications but we can still provide residential mortgages for borrowers with significant adverse credit record resulting from an unexpected life event. Our lender is less concerned about the amount of adverse credit a borrower may have, than what has been done to resolve the past difficulty. We may be able to help you irrespective of your circumstances providing you have not incurred any adverse credit during the last 12 months.

Top 10 Misconceptions

There are many misconceptions about what should be done or not be done while obtaining a mortgage. These are the TOP TEN Misconceptions that can slow down a mortgage process  and cause a loan or mortgage to be declined. 

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